NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 26: NBA Commissioner David Stern (R) and Former Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association Billy Hunter speak to members of the press to announce a tentative labor agreement to end the 149-day lockout on November 26, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

NBA Lockout: Owners, Players Reach Tentative Agreement

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NBA Lockout: Owners, Players Agree To End Lockout, Return Pistons To Court

The NBA owners and players began meeting on Friday at noon and didn't stop until reaching an agreement 15 hours later at 3:00AM Saturday morning. Yes, the NBA parties have agreed to a tentative deal that will end the NBA lockout and launch a free agency and training camp frenzy so the season can begin on Christmas Day.

As Adrian Wojnarowski reports, the deal must be finalized and approved by both parties, but commissioner David Stern expects that to happen.

"We're optimistic that the [agreement] will hold and we'll have ourselves an NBA season," NBA commissioner David Stern said at a brief news conference held in New York with Players Association executive director Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher(notes).

Free agency and training camps will start on Dec. 9, Stern said. Under the current agreement, the regular season would have a 66-game schedule that begins on Christmas Day with three games: Boston Celtics at the New York Knicks; Miami Heat at the Dallas Mavericks; and Chicago Bulls at the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Detroit Pistons should be busy starting, well now, as they decide how to move forward this season with a cast of veterans making big dollars while working rookies Brandon Knight, Kyle Singler and Vernon Macklin into the mix. Of course, that all depends on the final salary cap number and limits in the NBA labor agreement so this story is just beginning. 

The Pistons will presumably begin their season on December 26th since the league is trying to squeeze in a 66-game season, but that is just speculation since the schedule will need to be redrawn by the league.


NBA Cancels More Games As Players File Lawsuits

If the NBA lockout wasn't messy over the past few months, the decision by the players to decertify the union on Monday has certainly put the negotiations there now. The NBA decided to cancel more games on Tuesday and, shortly thereafter, players including Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Chauncey Billups filed lawsuits against the league.

The league has informed teams that all games are canceled through Dec. 15, leaving the possibility of a 72-game schedule still intact if some sort of miracle happens in the next couple of days. Considering the NBA needs about a month to start the new season, however, it was more the calendar cancelling games as opposed to the league itself.

The lawsuits that were filed Tuesday night included serious allegations against the league.

The plaintiffs argue that the lockout "constitutes an illegal group boycott, price-fixing agreement, and/or restraint of trade in violation of the Sherman Act" and that the owners' final offer for a new CBA would have "wiped out the competitive market for most NBA players."

This might actually get worse before it gets better.


NBA Lockout: NBPA Rejects 'Final' Deal From Owners, Will Sue And Decertify

On Monday, the NBA Players Association met to discuss the latest proposal (the second final proposal, as it happens) from the league owners in regards to a potential deal to end the lockout. Such a deal could not be agreed upon, though, and the players have officially rejected the deal, and will file anti-trust action against the league. Derek Fisher told the media, "This is where it stops for us as a union."

Said union will disband immediately, and the NBA is likely to be sued for anti-trust violations in the next couple of days. The players association will be transformed into a trade association, in the same way that the NFL players association had done during their lockout earlier in 2011. It's a critical comparison, seeing as the NFL, at this point in the proceedings, had only lost one game - a preseason Hall of Fame game, and the NBA has already lost a two weeks of games.

Before this meeting and this "final final" deal, Commissioner David Stern commented that this deal would be the last one that included figured like the 50% split - saying that the league would soon be talking about the 47% figure if this deal is rejected.

As Adrian Wojnarowski says on Twitter:

The chances of losing the entire 2011-12 season has suddenly become the likelyhood.    


NBA Lockout Update: Union Rejects Owners' Offer

NBA players rejected David Stern's latest offer, a day before the Commissioner's Nov. 9 ultimatum deadline, which threatened that offers would only get worse from here on.

Embattled union executive director Billy Hunter reiterated that the deal was not fair for the players.

"The players are clearly of the mind that it's an unacceptable proposal," union executive director Billy Hunter said. "But because of their commitment to the game and their desire to play, they're saying to us that we want you to go back, see if you can go back, get a better deal."

The players' association president Derek Fisher does not see a way of getting a deal done between now and end of business Wednesday, and hopes to meet with Stern soon.

The union did not conduct a formal vote of the players assembled in the room Tuesday, but sources told's Marc Stein that the group reached more of an informal "everyone agrees" position that authorizes Hunter and Fisher to accept a 50-50 split of basketball-related income in future negotiations as long as the league makes some concessions on certain system issues.

The Pistons have not been specifically in the lockout news much since the recently-minted @NBA_Labor Twitter account went on the defensive and offensive against (surprise, surprise) Charlie Villanueva last week.


NBA Lockout: Pistons Lose Two More Weeks Of Games

After labor talks between the owners and players broke down late last week it was likely that more games would be canceled during the 2011-12 season. That will be confirmed tomorrow as the league is expected to announce the cancellation of all games through November 28:

According to the Daily News' source, this latest cancellation would total at least 102 games and run through Nov. 28.

The source told the Daily News that the NBA will announce the latest cancellation of games on Tuesday.

There are no new rounds of negotiations scheduled. Already all games through November 14th have been canceled, but now the first four weeks of the season will be gone.The Detroit Pistons have already lost a number of games, but the following games will now be affected by this latest cancellation:

Nov. 15 vs. Phoenix

Nov. 18 vs. Atlanta

Nov. 10 vs. Indiana

Nov. 22 at Indiana

Nov. 23 vs. Portland

Nov. 25 vs. Washington

Nov. 27 vs. Boston

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