NBA Trade Rumors: The Latest On The Pistons' Potential Deals

NBA Draft rumors are swirling about deals potentially involving the Detroit Pistons. SB Nation Detroit has the latest on all of the different possibilities for Thursday night.

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NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons, Jazz Talked Possible Deal

As first reported by The Salt Lake Tribune's Brian T. Smith, the Detroit Pistons got a call from the Utah Jazz about a trade that would have allowed Utah to move up from the 12th pick to the eighth overall selection. Talks fizzled out after the two sides were unable to "make much progress," according to ESPN's Chad Ford.

Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reports that had a deal been completed, the Pistons would have received the 12th overall pick and a future first-round selection. All the Pistons would have had to give up is four spots for the future first-rounder, but the talks didn't go anywhere.

As for which player the Jazz wanted to move up for, rumors originally suggested it was Jimmer Fredette. However, Wojnarowski says the Jazz actually were hoping to move up to get Brandon Knight to go along with Enes Kanter. The Jazz have the third overall pick, so the ability to get a package of Kanter and Knight was intriguing enough to give the Pistons a call about the No. 8 pick.

It's highly unlikely Knight will fall all the way to No. 12, but perhaps he could serve as trade bait for the Pistons if he makes it to the eighth pick.


NBA Draft Rumors: Bobcats Made Trade To Jump Ahead Of Pistons, Take Bismack Biyombo

The first major NBA Draft day deal has taken place and it involves three teams: the Charlotte Bobcats, Milwaukee Bucks and Sacramento Kings. Below is a breakdown of what each team received in the trade.

Bobcats get: Corey Maggette, No. 7 overall pick

Bucks get: Stephen Jackson, Beno Udrih, Shaun Livingston, No. 19 overall pick

Kings get: John Salmons, No. 10 overall pick

The important part of this trade as it relates to the Detroit Pistons is that Charlotte now owns the No. 7 and No. 9 picks. By moving ahead of the Pistons, they are now free to take whichever big man they desire without fear that Detroit would get him instead.

When this trade was first made the speculation was Charlotte jumped Detroit to take Tristan Thompson. As it turns out, though, rumors suggest that the Bobcats actually want Bismack Biyombo. There's no guarantee the Pistons were going to take Biyombo, but now the Bobcats have two top-10 picks and the luxury of not having to worry about what Detroit does since they have the No. 7 selection.


NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons Could Deal Richard Hamilton To Cavaliers For 8th Pick

The idea of the Pistons trading Richard Hamilton is nothing new. Detroit has been trying to get rid of him and his contract for a while now, but the right deal either has not come along or just simply hasn't worked out before everything was made official.

While it's not clear if Hamilton will be dealt on Thursday night during the 2011 NBA Draft, rumors suggest that the Pistons will definitely have an opportunity to get rid of him. From ESPN's Chad Ford:

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the No. 1 and No. 4 picks in the draft. But will they also snag another lottery pick?

Sources say the Cavs have been very actively trying to do just that, with a massive $14.5 million trade exception as the device. The offer? Give us your pick and we'll take back a bad contract into our trade exception, which permits the Cavs to take back salary of more than $14 million.

While I'm sure the Pistons would love to shed the $12.5 million owed to Hamilton next season, I can't see them giving up the eighth pick to do so, especially with an offer of two first-round picks potentially being out there.


NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons Throwing Wrench In Plans For Cavaliers, Bobcats?

According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Bobcats are talking about a deal that could potentially involve Tristan Thompson, Jonas Valanciunas and the 19th overall pick. Basically, the Cavaliers would like to acquire a third first-round pick, but they also want Valanciunas. The Bobcats, which have two first-rounders, want Tristan Thompson, but they are thinking the Pistons will take him if he is still available. Since the Bobcats pick ninth overall, one spot behind Detroit, that is a problem.

If this deal happened, the Cavaliers would select Thompson with the fourth overall pick with the intention of later dealing him to Charlotte for Valanciunas and the 19th overall pick. Once again the Pistons could pose a potential problem for the Bobcats, though.

Wojnarowski says that Joe Dumars has been given the OK to take Valanciunas by Tom Gores. Dumars needed permission because Valanciunas isn't likely going to join the NBA this year. Based on permission being granted, it's possible Detroit could take Valanciunas, who would be needed to complete the Cavs-Bobcats deal.

With rumors swirling that the Spurs could trade up to the seventh pick to take Valanciunas before Detroit can, any possible trade between the Cavs and Bobcats seems unlikely if it's based on picking players and later trading them. With so much movement in the top 10 expected, the risk may be too high for Cleveland if they truly want to end up with Valanciunas, as it sounds like Detroit or another team would be willing to take him.


NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets Want To Do Deal With Pistons?

If the player they want isn't available, the Detroit Pistons could look to move down in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft. What a deal to move down would entail was previously unclear, but's Ken Berger reports that the Houston Rockets could be a potential trading partner since they have a pair of first-round picks.

The Rockets currently have the 14th and 23rd overall picks. Based on Berger's report, Houston may try to package them in order to secure the eighth overall selection from the Pistons. The Rockets want to move up in order to take a big man, and the Pistons have already reportedly made it known they're willing to listen to offers to move down.

If the Pistons were to do this deal, they could still end up getting a top-10 caliber player with the 14th overall pick. They would then have an additional first-round pick to fill another need. Already they have two second-round picks, so perhaps after making a trade with Houston the maneuvering wouldn't even be done just yet.

Rumors aside, one thing we know is that the trades made on Thursday night will be quite interesting to watch.


NBA Draft Rumors: Pistons Zeroing In On Tristan Thompson?

In the days leading up to the NBA Draft, there are always a number of reports suggesting certain players' stock is rising and other players' stock is dropping. One player who is seeing his stock rise based on various reports is Texas forward Tristan Thompson.'s Ken Berger reported on Wednesday that the Detroit Pistons "have zeroed in" on Thompson following a workout with the team. Thompson apparently canceled other workouts following the one he had with the Pistons, seemingly indicating that he may have picked up a guarantee before leaving the workout with Detroit.

Of course, we heard the same thing about Kawhi Leonard a day earlier. He supposedly had a good workout with the Pistons and suddenly started cancelling other workouts. Obviously both players aren't going to be taken by the Pistons, so something doesn't quite add up.

Chances are this is just a product of all the NBA Draft rumors that are swirling. After all, some rumors suggest that Thompson could be taken by the Cavaliers with the fourth overall pick, meaning the Pistons wouldn't even have a shot at drafting him. It seems unlikely that Thompson will go that high, but then again, you never know what information will turn out to be legitimate until the picks are actually made on Thursday night.


NBA Draft Rumors: Markieff Morris A Potential 1st-Round Pick For Pistons

The Detroit Pistons held a workout with a number of potential first-round NBA Draft picks on Tuesday. Bismack Biyombo, Tristan Thompson, Markieff Morris and Keith Benson were some of the players in attendance, and what happened could change up the Pistons' plans for the No. 8 pick.

According to Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press, Morris performed the best out of all the players at the workout. This has prompted speculation that Morris may have jumped up the Pistons' draft board and put himself in contention to be the No. 8 overall pick. From Vince Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Source: Markieff Morris may have put himself in the mix for the No. 8 pick with the Pistons with his workout today

Going back to Ellis' report, he ranked the players in the following order based on what he heard: Morris, Thompson/Biyombo, Benson, Vernon Macklin and Jordan Williams.

Of course, one workout doesn't necessarily dictate what a team will do come draft day, but it definitely seems as though Morris has a much better chance of being the pick than he did before Tuesday.


NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons Willing To Move Down On Draft Day?

The Detroit Pistons have been linked to numerous NBA trade rumors in the last half-year, but no moves have actually ever happened. The supposed deal to send Richard Hamilton to the Nets fizzled out, as did the rumored three-team deal with Cleveland and Minnesota that would have sent him packing.

As the 2011 NBA Draft nears, it's clear that there will be a lot of activity trade-wise, but will any of it involve the Pistons? There's no telling what could happen with players like Hamilton or somebody else already on the team, but as far as picks go, the Pistons could move down if the player they want isn't there. According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, the player they may want is San Diego State's Kawhi Leonard.

The Pistons have told teams they won’t trade down until they see who drops to them on draft night, sources said. In what could be an interesting window into the Pistons’ preferences, San Diego State forward Kawhi Leonard worked out for Detroit on Monday, and shortly thereafter cancelled his Wednesday workout with the Milwaukee Bucks, who have the 10th pick. Several executives believe Leonard may have left Auburn Hills with a guarantee.

Obviously a decent offer would have to come along for the Pistons to move down even if the player they want isn't available, but with so much movement expected, Detroit should have plenty of options come Thursday night.

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