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The Big Chill At The Big House Ticket Sales Exceed 105,000

We are less than two months away from The Big Chill at the Big House, an outdoor hockey game featuring Michigan and Michigan State. The game, which is going to be played at Michigan Stadium, is approaching a sellout, as more than 105,000 tickets have been sold so far.

University of Michigan officials say they've sold 105,585 tickets for an outdoor hockey game at Michigan Stadium between the Wolverines and rival Michigan State.

Michigan announced sales Monday that would set the world record for attendance at an ice hockey game.

Back in the summer, U-M actually had to stop selling tickets because they were going so fast. Shortly after the 100,000 tickets sold mark was crossed, a halt was put on sales in order to allow incoming students to purchase them. As the new numbers show, about 5,000 tickets have been sold since then. The capacity for Michigan Stadium is 109,901, so it appears it's only a matter of time until a sellout is reached.

Regardless of if this game achieves a sellout or not, it should break the hockey attendance record with ease if the weather cooperates. The current record is 77,803, the attendance of the IIHF World Championship opening game between Germany and the United States (played in Germany). The record, which was set back in May, broke Michigan and Michigan State's record from the Cold War, which was played back in 2001 and had an attendance of 74,544.