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Tigers Offseason News: Inge Offered Deal; Damon Won't Return; Ordonez Option Won't Be Picked Up

Today is the final day of the season for the Detroit Tigers, so as you can imagine, plans are already being made for the upcoming offseason. Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski talked about some of those plans today, including mentioning who on the current roster is or isn't being brought back.

  • Dombrowski had to say this about Brandon Inge:
    "We've made him an offer and will see if we can get something done," Dombrowski said. "We'd like to have him back. Usually if there's desire by both parties, it has a way of working out." 
    Inge said he was optimistic about remaining in Detroit, so I would expect him to re-sign with the team. 
  • Dombrowski has already informed the trio of Jeremy Bonderman, Gerald Laird and Johnny Damon that they will not be re-signed. Apparently Bonderman could get an invite to spring training if he doesn't land somewhere else, but the Tigers have no plans of re-signing him this offseason.
  • Magglio Ordonez's $15 million option will not be picked up, but the door hasn't been closed on bringing Ordonez back for the 2011 season. According to Dombrowski, "Magglio expressed a strong desire to remain a Tiger." Even though his option won't be picked up, a return is certainly possible.
  • Ryan Raburn's solid second half of the season has made him a "key component of (the Tigers') outfield" next season. Dombrowski said that there is one open spot in the outfield, and there will be a competition for it during spring training with whoever is on the team.
  • The Tigers want Johnny Peralta to return to start at shortstop.
  • The Tigers' starter at second base will be a competition between players already on the team.
  • As mentioned earlier today, Phil Coke will be a starter for the Tigers next season.
  • Who will be the Tigers' fifth starter has not been determined just yet, but that, along with "shoring up the bullpen," is at the top of Detroit's list of priorities for the offseason.