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MSU Freshman Russell Byrd May Miss 2010-11 Season

Russell Byrd, a freshman basketball player for Michigan State, is expected to have surgery on Friday to repair a stress fracture in his foot. Because of the recovery time that would come along with this type of procedure, Michigan State may simply shut Byrd down for the upcoming season.

Izzo said with the recovery time Byrd faces, it might be unrealistic to expect him to return in time to salvage his freshman season. 

"I still think if he came back in two months, would it be worth it?" Izzo said. "It might be until after Christmas before he’s even ready to practice, and then it could be two or weeks before he’d be in any kind of shape to play."

If Byrd has to miss the season because of this injury, he would simply be redshirted and plan to start his playing career at MSU next year.