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Michigan Unveils Jerseys For The Big Chill At The Big House

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On Friday, Michigan made public the jerseys it will wear for The Big Chill at the Big House on Dec. 11. The jerseys are special throwbacks made just for the game against Michigan State at Michigan Stadium, designed to replicate what Michigan wore back in the 1940s. Via the M Den, here is a shot of the jerseys:


Michigan head coach Red Berenson said this about the jerseys:

"I think it's a great idea that we're using a throwback-style jersey," said head coach Red Berenson. "It gives our fans an idea of part of the history of the program and what the team looked like. I think our players will be excited to wear them."

Personally I think the design is pretty ugly looking, especially the picture on the front of what is supposed to be a Wolverine. The jersey certainly stays true to the throwback concept, as it does look very much like what Michigan wore in the 40s (see below), but after seeing the jersey in person (some people already bought it and wore it to Friday night's game against Notre Dame) I'm not a fan at all. Thankfully it'll only be worn for one game.