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College Football Rankings, Week 13: Michigan State To Move Up One Spot in BCS?

When the Week 13 college football rankings are released on Sunday, the expectation is that Michigan State will improve one spot from its place in the polls last week. Michigan State's ranking varied depending on the poll last week, with one of the rankings putting the Spartans 10th, another 11th and even another 12th. Regardless of if MSU is behind Alabama or Oklahoma State, though, it should improve at least one spot because Nebraska lost to Texas A&M.

Michigan State's comeback win against Purdue kept the rankings relevant for at least one more week. Had Michigan State lost, any concern with the BCS standings would have went out the window. It is still in the picture thanks to the thrilling comeback victory, though. Michigan State isn't going to pass Wisconsin, which would give it a berth to the Rose Bowl in case of a three-way tie for first with Ohio State, but an at-large BCS bid isn't out of the question. Should MSU beat Penn State and Wisconsin lose to Northwestern, OSU would go to the Rose Bowl if it beats Michigan based on what the expected BCS standings would look like. MSU would be up there in the top ten, so getting a bid to a BCS game would still be possible.

Looking at how the BCS standings may shake out, it looks like MSU is going to be ranked 11th. Oregon, Auburn and TCU were all idle, so if there is any movement there it would be with Boise State passing the Horned Frogs. LSU survived a scare against Ole Miss and Stanford and Wisconsin both took care of their opponents. Nebraska, which was ranked No. 8, lost to Texas A&M, but Ohio State, Oklahoma State and Alabama all won. Unless MSU randomly passes Alabama like Alabama randomly passed MSU last week, I doubt the Spartans will be anywhere but 11th in the new BCS standings.