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Lions Vs. Jets: Detroit Reaches Sellout Already

The Lions announced today that they have sold out Sunday's game against the New York Jets. The sellout comes a week after their game against the Redskins was blacked out on local television because around 8,000 or so tickets went unsold. This week there was no such problem, as a sellout has been reached and it's only Wednesday.

Lions president Tom Lewand announced the sellout today – the Lions’ third in four home games this season – and said he can’t remember when the team didn’t need an extension to sell out a non-Thanksgiving game.

"If you build a competitive, good product on Sunday afternoons, it’s always been our belief that we have great fans who will support that," Lewand said. "And our fans are starting to see a young football team that’s competitive week in and week out with some really good football players that are winning some games. And particularly at home."

Lewand added that there has been an increase in activity on tickets for the rest of the home games left on the schedule, saying that if the team holds up its end of the bargain, the fans have shown they will support them. I think that is evident from the fact that Detroit has already sold out Sunday's game and it's only Wednesday. As Lewand said, it's been a while since an extension wasn't needed to sell out a non-Thanksgiving game, but thanks to an exciting win last Sunday and an intriguing matchup with the Jets, a sellout has already been reached.