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Lions Vs. Bears: Shaun Hill Doesn't Practice; Drew Stanton Takes Starter Reps

The perk of playing on Thanksgiving Day after a short week of practice is the Lions receive bonus time to prepare for their Week 13 match up against the Chicago Bears. It's obviously not as much time as they had before their Week 1 showdown, which resulted in the infamous "The Process" call, but the Lions could definitely benefit from this extra time. The Bears are riding a four-game winning streak, sit atop the NFC North and the Lions, who are mirroring a four-game losing streak, have a ton of wounds to lick before Sunday.

The quarterback situation, as it has been almost all season, is the murkiest. Shaun Hill, who has been playing while simultaneously recovering from a broken left forearm, did not practice on Tuesday with what is being called a finger injury. He was seen standing on the sidelines next to Matthew Stafford during the media portion of practice with a splint on his right index finger. 

Stafford, who said he might start throwing this week, also did not practice, nor was he seen making any throws.

As a result, Drew Stanton took all the starter reps. 

Jim Schwartz refused to comment on the quarterback situation, or any other injury situation for that matter:

"I’m really not going to comment on anything. We’re at Tuesday, it’s an extra day for us, a bonus day very similar to what we did coming off the bye week with the Redskins. With the Bears not practicing today it doesn’t make any sense to talk about ourselves, who practiced and who didn’t."

Kyle Vanden Bosch and Jahvid Best did not practice at all, either. Vanden Bosch's injury could be serious, according to Schwartz after Thursday's game, and Best is still recovering from turf toe(s), which kept him sidelined on Thanksgiving. 

These are not the names you want to see on an injury report with somewhat of a buzz saw coming to town.