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Tigers' Brandon Inge To Attend The Big Chill At The Big House

In the offseason, Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge often spends his Friday and Saturday nights at Yost Ice Arena watching Michigan hockey games. He lives in Saline and is a season-ticket holder for Michigan hockey, so it's no surprise he will be spending this upcoming Saturday at Michigan Stadium to watch The Big Chill at the Big House.

Inge got a chance to get a look at the ice on Thursday with his kids and he will be one of the 110,000-plus fans in attendance on Saturday.

“I appreciate all the work that went into this,” Inge said. “It’s going to be the biggest spectator hockey event ever to happen. 

“I’m a huge hockey fan. I love all aspects of the game. How hard it is, to be honest with you. I’ve become a Michigan fan. This is my team to follow.” 

From one Michigan fan who will be at The Big Chill to another, Go Blue, Mr. Inge.