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Lions' Drew Stanton Reportedly Separated Left Shoulder Against Buccaneers

Lions quarterbacks haven't been able to catch a break at all this season when it comes to injuries. Matthew Stafford has separated his right shoulder twice, Shaun Hill has broken his arm and a finger on his throwing hand and now Drew Stanton has also suffered a separated shoulder, according to multiple reports.

Stanton's injury involves his left (non-throwing) shoulder and occurred toward the end of the first half of Sunday's win in Tampa Bay. He finished the game and led the Lions to victory in spite of the injury, showing some serious toughness. If he plays this week against Miami, which isn't out of the question, he would be showing some serious toughness again, just as Stafford did last year following the Cleveland game. Stafford separated his left shoulder against the Browns, but he returned just four days later to play on Thanksgiving. Stanton will have more time to recover than that, but playing just a week after separating any shoulder won't be very much fun.

If Stanton is unable to give it a go, Hill will likely get the starting nod for the Lions. He has been working his way back from the aforementioned broken finger and was active on Sunday. It's likely he would be ready to play by this next Sunday if the Lions need him to start, although I'm sure Stanton will try to play through the pain like he did yesterday.