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College Football Rankings, Week 15: Could Another 2-Loss Team Pass Michigan State In BCS Rankings?

Heading into bowl season, it looks like Michigan State will be ranked seventh in the human polls. The Spartans were seventh in the AP Poll and USA Today Poll last week and no teams ahead of them lost this week. No teams directly behind them won, either. This means that in all likelihood, MSU will still be ranked seventh going into its bowl game.

In the new BCS rankings, however, it looks like Michigan State could actually drop in the standings. A week ago Arkansas, which finished the regular season with a 10-2 record, passed the Spartans. This week, it looks like Oklahoma could move ahead of MSU. The Sooners beat Nebraska on Saturday to win the Big 12 title and finish with an 11-2 record. In the human polls I don't think OU is close enough to the Spartans to pass them, but the BCS rankings looked like this last week:

7. Arkansas (.7189)

8. Michigan State (.6980)

9. Oklahoma (.6780)

The margin between MSU and OU is so slim that my belief is the Sooners' win over Nebraska will move them past the Spartans. I suppose it's always possible that MSU could move ahead of Arkansas thanks to the new computer polls, but at the very least it looks like Oklahoma could move up to eighth thanks to winning the Big 12 title.