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The Big Chill At The Big House: Michigan Practices In Michigan Stadium (Video)

  • The Michigan hockey team took the Big House ice earlier this week to start preparing for The Big Chill on Saturday. Below is a video taking a look at the practice.

  • When the Michigan hockey team enters the stadium on Saturday, there will be a pre-game fireworks show in the south end zone. If Michigan scores, there will be fireworks shot from both end zones. Finally, after the game there will be a six-minute fireworks show set to music from the movie "The Big Chill." Those fireworks will be shot from the top of the east and west structures.
  • According to Dave Brandon's blog on, a stealth bomber will be part of a flyover before the game.
  • The current weather forecast for Saturday is a high of 34 degrees and a 20% chance of precipitation. The overnight low is 29 degrees with a 60 percent chance of precipitation. Luckily, the wind is only projected to be around six miles per hour, so the wind chill won't be too much lower than the actual temperature.