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All-Star Vote: Miguel Cabrera Still In Third Place At First Base

There is no question that Miguel Cabrera will be on the American League All-Star team with the awesome season he is having so far, but will he be a starter or a reserve? 


As it stands right now, Cabrera would not be in the starting lineup. In fact, he is only in third place, stuck behind the Yankees' Mark Teixeira and the Twins' Justin Morneau.  Here is the current breakdown of the voting at first base:


1. Mark Teixeira - 610,581 votes
2. Justin Morneau - 527,688 votes
3. Cabrera - 402,719 votes


Considering Cabrera is more than 200,000 votes away from first place and is basically 125,000 away from second place, this is going to take some serious work. To vote for Cabrera, go here and submit your ballot.  Miggy is the only Tiger with a decent shot at cracking the starting lineup, but feel free to vote for other Tigers as well.