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Diamondbacks 'Considering' Dontrelle Willis

Dontrelle Willis was designated for assignment by the Tigers on May 30, giving Detroit 10 days to see if he can be traded. If before placing him on waivers. Early on, any chance of that happening seemed highly unlikely considering Willis' struggles with the Tigers and the fact that he will be released if nothing happens during those 10 days, but one team with interest in him has emerged.

The D-backs confirmed that they have interest in acquiring the veteran left-hander, who was designated for assignment by the Tigers this weekend.

"We are at least considering him," D-backs general manager Josh Byrnes said Monday.

That was as far as Byrnes would go, except to say that he has had discussions with Detroit regarding Willis.

The National League seems like the logical destination for Willis, especially when you consider that he's a pretty good hitter. A team like Arizona, which is in need of starting pitching, could make a move to get him, ensuring he doesn't have the option of exploring all options on the open market. I can't imagine there would be a ton of interest in Willis, but all it takes is one other team and the D-backs could lose out on him, so that is why a trade is possible.