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MSU Trustee: Tom Izzo Turned Down Bulls Job Last Week

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If the Cleveland Cavaliers do end up offering their head coaching job to Tom Izzo, it wouldn't be his first chance to go to the NBA this offseason, at least that is what one Michigan State trustee is claiming.

Joel Ferguson, chairman of MSU's Board of Trustees, told The Detroit News that Izzo declined an offer from the NBA's Chicago Bulls last week, an indication, Ferguson says, Izzo remains committed to the school.

"Chicago made an offer to him," Ferguson said in a phone interview. "Tom didn't run and say '(Chicago) made an offer, (so MSU) has to up the ante.' "

Just comparing the two situations on paper, Chicago certainly seems like a better spot to land than Cleveland. The Bulls already have a solid group of players in place, and there is a very good chance they will land Dwyane Wade or LeBron James this summer. Perhaps the offer wasn't great and that's why Izzo turned it down, but I would much rather be the coach of the Bulls than the Cavs right now.

Maybe the reason Izzo is giving the Cleveland opportunity more thought is because his friend and MSU grad Dan Gilbert is the team's owner. Having a person you are friends with in place as your boss might make the situation feel more secure. I'm sure it could make things awkward at times when there are conflicts, but at the end of the day maybe Izzo would just rather work for Gilbert than someone like Jerry Reinsdorf, who owns the Bulls.