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Delvon Roe's Dad Thinks Izzo Will Take Cavs Job

The big rumor Wednesday was that Tom Izzo told his players he would be accepting the Cleveland Cavaliers head coaching job. Of course, that was vehemently denied by everyone from the MSU higher ups to the mainstream media. While it doesn't make much sense, since Izzo doesn't know the status of LeBron James, that hasn't affected the opinion of Delvon Roe's father, who thinks Izzo is a goner

Blanton, who lives near Cleveland, has not spoken with Izzo. But he said he thinks Izzo will end up taking the Cavs job.

"My opinion is, I think he's gonna leave," Blanton said. "When you keep it in the air this long. ... I don' t know if he's happy where he's at right now."

As we've said, Izzo is supposed to meet with the Cavs on Thursday. We should know more after that rendezvous, but it does not bode well when a player's father thinks the coach is on his way out. Nobody thinks it makes much sense for Izzo to consider the job without knowing what LeBron will do, but it appears that he's more serious about this job, with LeBron or not, than anyone is letting on. Obviously, there will be more to come.