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Dan Gilbert Wants Izzo; Cavs' 'Basketball People' Want Scott

Byron Scott interviewed with Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant for an hour on the phone today. Scott has recently emerged as a serious candidate for the head coaching job, with the other being Tom Izzo. The two appear to be option 1A and 1B for filling the coaching vacancy as far as the Cavs are concerned, but who the absolute top candidate is may differ based on who you talk to in the Cleveland organization.

Andy Katz: Byron Scott is the choice of the Cavs' basketball people. Izzo is Dan Gilbert's choice

Usually in this situation the owner is going to be the one who makes the final decision, which would point to Izzo being the choice. Even so, Izzo would still have to accept an offer if it is made, and right now it doesn't seem like he would for sure do that, as the decision is still up in the air.