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Tom Izzo Has Not Made A Decision Yet

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Tom Izzo is about ready to leave Cleveland and return to Lansing, but he is coming back without an answer to the questions regarding if he is going to stay at Michigan State or leave for the NBA. According to Lansing radio host Jack Ebling, Izzo texted him with the news that there is no news, at least not yet.

The message was sent to Jack Ebling, a longtime friend of Izzo's and a talk-show host for WILS-AM.

"I got a text message from him this afternoon," Ebling told listeners. "He said there's no decision made."

I wouldn't expect Izzo to wait around too long to make a decision, especially now that Byron Scott is definitely a serious candidate for the same vacancy. It's tough to guess when something will come out one way or another, but I'd bet on Izzo continuing to ponder his decision tonight and then sleeping on it before doing anything.