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Phil Coke Keeping The Mohawk Alive

Several members of Detroit Tigers bullpen started growing mohawks in April, but after a rough stretch there is just one dedicated soul left.


Lefty reliever Phil Coke is the last remaining Tiger sporting the look. Ryan Perry shaved his off after getting torn up by the Kansas City Royals in his last outing, and Eddie Bonine arrived in the Windy City with his head buzzed as well.


Alex Avila, Joel Zumaya, Brandon Inge and Johnny Damon also have worn mohawks this year, but it appears the trend is fading after the Tigers’ recent struggles. All of them have gotten rid of the look, except for Damon, who just let his hair grow back.


The Tigers are looking for any way to snap out of their current funk. They are just one game above .500 and have fallen five games behind division leader Minnesota after going 4-6 in their last ten games. They’ve dropped back-to-back series to the fourth-place Royals and third-place White Sox.