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Video: Watch The 'Save Tom Izzo Rally'

Michigan State fans quickly organized a "Save Tom Izzo Rally" that took place earlier tonight outside Breslin Center. Estimates of just how many people attended the rally vary, but the consensus is that at least 500 people showed up and that number easily could be much higher.

The rally itself included chants, singing the fight song and alma mater, and lots of signs and flowers at the base of the Magic Johnson statue. There was also a flag and a banner that people signed, thanking Izzo for all he's done at MSU and expressing their hope that he will continue to coach the Spartans.

Only one Michigan State basketball player, Derrick Nix, showed up to the event. According to Lisa Byington (a reporter for WLNS in Lansing) during an interview on ESPNEWS, players were advised not to go to the rally, but Nix went anyways, saying that the fans support the team all season long, so he was going to support the fans on this night. He later spoke to the crowd that gathered and then shed some tears when he chatted with reporters again.

If you want to watch the "Save Tom Izzo Rally" for yourself, click here and go to "Archived Videos." Someone named Ross streamed the entire thing from his cell phone and saved the videos so they could be re-played. The first of three videos is shown below, and the other two are here.