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Report: Dorsey Never Should Have Been Offered

Brian at MGoBlog raises serious questions about the legitimacy of Demar Dorsey’s application to the University of Michigan and concludes he probably never should have been offered a scholarship by Rich Rodriguez.

I can confirm from a couple independent sources the broad outline of what Ace describes: Dorsey’s application remains incomplete. As of the beginning of his senior year his path to qualification was so grim that making it automatically raises red flags about the validity of the new grades. Not that anyone was caught cheating, just that the alternative curriculum must necessarily have been less than rigorous, and the amount of improvement raises eyebrows when it’s accomplished in a potentially unsupervised environment outside of a traditional high school. The facts in the post are, to my knowledge, accurate.

The decision not to admit him had nothing to do with tinfoil hat theories and everything to do with the fact that he shouldn’t have been offered in the first place.