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Palace Sports And Entertainment Suing Olympia Entertainment, Wings For Swiping Secrets

In February, Pistons president and Palace CEO Tom Wilson resigned, only to later take a job with Mike Ilitch and Olympia Entertainment. Wilson played a major role in making The Palace one of the premiere sporting venues, helping it win arena of the year nine times during his 32 years. Wilson accepted the job with Ilitch to presumably help with the process of building the Red Wings a new hockey arena, which they desperately need. 

Before and after Wilson accepted a job with the Red Wings, rumors ran wild that the Pistons and Wings might join forces in either building a new downtown arena or having the Red Wings play at The Palace, at least until Ilitch was capable of financing a separate arena.

Unfortunately, the two couldn't be further apart.

It's being reported that The Palace is suing the Olympia Entertainment group. The lawsuit alleges that Tom Wilson lured nine employees away from The Palace, who then gave away confidential material to help fill seats and suites at Joe Louis Arena and unlawfully compete for sponsors, advertisers, concessionaires, and vendors.

The Oakland Circuit Court lawsuit alleges violations of Michigan's Trade Secrets Act. It also claims breach of contract, unfair competition and conspiracy by Olympia and ex-employees of Palace Sports & Entertainment (PSE).

At stake are thousands, perhaps millions of dollars, in entertainment-industry related funds coveted by Palace Sports and also Olympia.  

[...] The suit, assigned to Judge Edward Sosnick, seeks an injunction against Olympia and the ex-Palace Sports employees, demands the return of confidential records and seeks monetary damages.

The defendants all signed confidentiality agreements that gave them access to confidential information to perform duties for Palace Sports, but not for their own benefit or Olympia, according to the complaint.

The accusations within the lawsuit claim Tom Wilson and the other former Palace employees were very "aggressive in selling on behalf of the Red Wings" and made "disparaging remarks regarding The Palace."

Whether it's true or not that Tom Wilson and the former Palace employees used old secrets from their former gig, and bashed The Palace during the process, this creates somewhat of a black-eye for both organizations. Mainly, this makes Tom Wilson, who was once a Palace and Entertainment hero, come off as unethical. He, however, claims it's just sour grapes on The Palace's part.