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Tom Wilson Not Named In Lawsuit

The Detroit Free Press delves a little deeper into the lawsuit that The Palace Sports & Entertainment filed earlier this week:

The lawsuit, filed in Oakland County Circuit Court earlier this week, names nine former key employees who followed Tom Wilson, the former CEO of Palace Sports & Entertainment, to Olympia, beginning in February. Those employees included sales and marketing executives.

The suit says the nine took confidential customer databases including e-mails of ticket buyers, and that one of the former employees tried to hack into a Palace Sports & Entertainment database from his Olympia computer.

[...] Wilson is not named in the suit. Olympia is a division of Ilitch Holdings. The suit is assigned to Oakland County Circuit Judge Edward Sosnick.

It comes as somewhat of a surprise that Wilson is not listed in the complaint considering he was supposedly the one who lured the nine employees from PS&E. I guess, given how much he did for The Palace during his 32 years there, not listing him must be their token of appreciation.

As I said before, the brunt of the arguments is that one side (PS&E) claims stolen confidential data and the other cites sour grapes, implying the lawsuit is frivolous.