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Report: Missouri Not Invited To Big Ten

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If Nebraska indeed announces a move to the Big Ten on Friday, the Big 12 could very well dissolve and leave several teams without a conference. Missouri was hoping to get picked up by the Big Ten, but according to one Missouri official, they never got an invite:

Missouri's interest in joining an expanded Big Ten couldn't have been more obvious.

But with conference rival Nebraska the top choice to make that switch, and the Pac-10 having grabbed Colorado and set to grab more Big 12 schools, Missouri now finds itself on the outside looking in.

After a closed-door meeting of university curators Thursday, curator Warren Erdman told the AP that Missouri had not been asked to join the Big Ten. Erdman noted that he had been out of state the past week but wasn't aware of any change in the situation. He said the curators did not discuss conference affiliation during the morning session.

It's been said before -- these expansion reports are out of control. A month ago, the same site linked above reported that an invite was extended to Missouri, amongst a few others.

It's all just like a bad game of tetherball -- rumors going 'round and 'round, and nothing really going anywhere. Hopefully, Friday will produce plenty of answers and we can finally start to wrap our heads around what the new landscape of college football will look like.