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Tom Izzo Cancels Round Of Golf, Has Yet To Make Decision

Tom Izzo still needs more time to think about the Cleveland Cavaliers job. Izzo sent a text message to the AP's Larry Lage "late Friday morning" saying that no decision has been made on the Cavs job yet, and he apparently canceled a round of golf with MSU football coach and friend Mark Dantonio as well.

Izzo canceled golf in Lansing today. Very bad sign for msu.

msu football coaches are at lansing country club. he was supposed to golf with dantonio today. msu fball coaches say it doesn't look good

While it may very well be a bad sign for MSU, it's possible that Izzo just needs time to finalize a decision and would rather not be out on the golf course. It's certainly not a good sign for the Spartans, but I just don't know if it is for sure a bad sign. Hopefully we will find out one way or another sooner rather than later so this whole situation can be wrapped up.