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Izzo Calls Team Meeting; Says He's Still Undecided

The debunked rumor that Izzo was calling a press conference this afternoon must have been misconstrued information about a meeting with his players. The Free Press reports:

Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo called a closed-door team meeting this afternoon, according to

Izzo led the team into the basketball operations building at 3:20 p.m., the Web site reported.

But according to the Associated Press, Izzo told his players that he hasn't yet made a decision about joining the Cleveland Cavaliers. The AP cited an unnamed person at the meeting. The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the meeting was to be confidential.

This morning, Izzo wrote a text message to Larry Lage of the Associated Press that he has not made a decision — about 12 hours after he returned home from Cleveland.

Players have apparently been sending mixed signals on Twitter, but they're most likely just giving their personal opinions on the situation. Everything has indicated that Izzo has not made a decision yet, but he assured media last night that this wouldn't go on forever. Is July 1 considered to be forever? If this goes on for longer than a week more, it's going to start feeling like forever.