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Report: LeBron Wants Coach Who Played In NBA

A few days ago, Dan Gilbert confidently told the media that LeBron was not a part of the process in finding a new head coach for the Cavaliers. Well, the Chosen One has spoken, supposedly, and Tom Izzo would not be his chosen one because he never played in the NBA:

James has let team owner Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers organization know he's interested in playing for a coach who played in the NBA, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported, attributing the information to a source.

This. Just. Got. Interesting. As if it wasn't thrilling stuff beforehand.

All along, everyone's been under the assumption that an offer, that Izzo is undecided about, is on the table. However, there's no denying that the Cavs' number one interest this off-season is bringing back LeBron. If this report is indeed true, if LeBron really said that, then it's safe to say that Tom Izzo is officially out of the running and Spartans fans can finally exhale. 

It's already been reported that Gilbert, a fellow MSU alumni, wants Tom Izzo, but the Cavs basketball people want Byron Scott, who played in the NBA for 15 years and has already had marginal success as an NBA head coach. Gilbert's the owner, so he has the power to make the ultimate decision, but there's no way he could possibly make a decision that would preclude LeBron from re-signing -- he'd be run out of town.

You know how this should play out? Izzo should turn down the gig because he doesn't want to be the reason Gilbert's head is put on a stake. After scaring off Cleveland's 1a coaching candidate, LeBron still doesn't re-sign. Gilbert is so peeved with the situation that he steps down as the Cavs owner, only to buy the for-sale-Pistons. Pistons win another championship within a few years and Cleveland is left title-less forever. I like that daydream.