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What Kind Of NBA Coach Would Tom Izzo Be?

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports writes that Tom Izzo’s decision about whether to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers or not hinges on his comfort level with the team’s roster should LeBron James not return.

While LeBron remains a huge question mark and there are reports he wants a former player to coach him, as we noted earlier, others are questioning what type of NBA coach Izzo would be. Wojnarowski gives these coaching comparisons.

Many have rightly asked whether Izzo’s physical, aggressive style of defense would translate to the NBA, but as one NBA coach who knows Izzo well said, "If you go watch a Scott Skiles practice or one of the Van Gundys’, it won’t look much different than what Tom is going to do. If he gets good players, I think he will win in the NBA. And if he doesn’t, well…"