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John Beilein Seeks Out Steve Hawkins Over 'Tampering' Charge

Michael Rothstein of writes that University of Michigan head basketball coach John Beilein has been attempting to contact Western Michigan University's head basketball coach Steve Hawkins to discuss Hawkins's claim that Beilein acted inappropriately when he hired assistant coach LaVall Jordan, who had been targeted by Western Michigan.

"I called yesterday and I know I will again," Beilein said. "It's been very busy. I called yesterday after his statement and I will call (again) and there will probably be a limit on the number of phone calls I will make to him, but I will continue to call Steve and try to clear it up."

Beilein also told Rothstein that he did not make an initial overture to Jordan and that Jordan made the first move after clearing things with Hawkins.  In the end, Beilein deemed the situation, which had greatly irritated Hawkins, a "misunderstanding." 

Jordan hasn't said much on the matter himself although he did tell Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press that the spot on Michigan's staff opened up unexpectedly and he didn't want to pass up the opportunity, even though he was nearing a deal with Western Michigan. 

"Things happen for a reason, and one thing none of us can control is timing."    

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