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Tom Izzo's Decision Now Not Coming Until Monday?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer originally reported that a decision from Tom Izzo was coming on Saturday, but now they are reporting that one will only come "by Monday."

At least several players left this meeting believing Izzo was going to accept the Cavs' offer, a source told The Plain Dealer. Izzo told people Friday that he would come to a decision soon but that it wouldn't be Saturday, according to sources. There is a general feeling among Michigan State officials that Izzo will either accept the Cavs job or finally turn it down by Monday.

At this point I believe that only Tom Izzo and his family truly know what is going on. Every few minutes a new story seems to pop up and contradicts something that has already been reported. There is just far too much speculating going on and way too much reliance on sources that don't really have a clear understanding of what Izzo is going to do. Only he does, and personally I wish all of the speculation and rumors would stop until he formally announces something. I know that's not possible in this day and age, but the coverage of this story is getting out of control.