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MSU Fans Launch 'We Love Izzo' Campaign

Michigan State fans showed the power of the social media on Thursday when a "Save Tom Izzo" rally was quickly put together. Despite the idea for the rally originating in the afternoon on a message board, it quickly took off and gained immense support and lots of attention in the media. By 9 p.m., when the rally was scheduled to be held, hundreds of MSU fans showed up outside of Breslin Center to voice their support for Tom Izzo. The rally was a definite success, but days later, Tom Izzo has still yet to decide on if he's going to stay or leave MSU.

As a result of the continued uncertainty surrounding Izzo, MSU fans have once again decided to organize a campaign in hopes of convincing him to stay. Called "We Love Izzo," this particular campaign is designed around a website where fans can share why they love Izzo and a grassroots effort that includes plastering signs all over the place to make sure Izzo is aware of just how much he is loved.

Keusch won't say where the signs will be, they could spread from the Spartan statue on MSU's campus, to downtown East Lansing. All he'll say is he wants them to be in plain sight for Coach Izzo.

Jason Keusch: "We're going to make them visible for him, so honk if you see them."

Already signs are going up all over the Lansing area, and it sounds like there are plans for signs to be put up on the route from Tom Izzo's home to Breslin Center.

Izzo's future is very much up in the air, but Michigan State fans are pulling out all of the stops to convince him to continue coaching the Spartans.