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Media Told Nothing With Izzo Planned For Today

Tom Izzo is in Breslin Center right now coaching a basketball camp that will keep him occupied for much of the day. As a result, it doesn't look like we should expect to hear about a decision today. It's possible word of a decision could leak out sometime tonight, but Michigan State has nothing planned for today in the form of a news conference or an announcement. In fact, MSU's sports information director told the media to leave the basketball camp and specifically "encouraged out of town TV crews to leave."

Although the media hasn't been able to get any answers out of Tom Izzo, one of the players at the basketball camp tried to do just that by asking about the Cavaliers job. Unsurprisingly, Izzo's response was essentially "no comment."

"That's a bad question. Those guys up there [the media] want to know about it." No answer.

Considering Izzo is busy coaching a basketball camp today, you would think updates would be limited. Still, I'm sure little details might leak out throughout the day, and then tonight/tomorrow has to be the beginning of the end of this process. I don't know how much longer this can drag on, but you would think Izzo would wrap up the process sometime soon.