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Report: LeBron James Won't Speak To Tom Izzo

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Tom Izzo may want to talk to LeBron James before deciding on the Cleveland Cavaliers job, but it doesn't look like James wants to talk to Izzo or any candidate for that matter. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

All along, James has not planned to speak to coaching candidates or lobby for certain coaches to replace Mike Brown. James, according to a source, has not spoken with Izzo about the job or his future and currently has no plans to do so.

The problem this creates for Izzo is that if he accepts the Cavs job, he wouldn't have an idea of what LeBron is going to do when free agency opens on July 1. It's certainly possible that LeBron will return to Cleveland, but you can imagine that Izzo would like to at least get an idea before committing to the Cavs and leaving Michigan State. Since that doesn't seem like it will happen, this is going to come down to if Izzo wants to take the risk and leave a great situation for an uncertain one in Cleveland.