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Michigan State Doesn't Have A Deadline For Tom Izzo

Every day seems like it will bring an end to the madness surrounding Tom Izzo and the Cleveland Cavaliers job just because this has gone on for more than a week now. I was surprised when we made it out of the weekend without a decision being made, and I was even more surprised when Monday came and went without anything happening. Today once again seemed like the day where all of this speculation could finally come to an end, but it looks like the wait may continue.

Been told by MSU officials media expected to get 2-3 hour notice IF a Izzo presser gets scheduled. No word on anything scheduled today.

While it's possible that that could change at any moment's notice, it won't be because Michigan State wants Izzo to hurry up and make a decision. I'm at that point right now where I wish he would just decide one way or another and be done with it, but MSU is exercising much more patience than that.

"There's no shot clock," Terry Denbow, MSU's vice president of university relations, told The Detroit News on Tuesday.

Denbow said (President Lou Ann) Simon and athletic director Mark Hollis are remaining patient with Izzo out of respect for his longevity as MSU's coach.

"As Mark has said and the president has agreed, Tom is owed and deserves the time to make a decision," Denbow said.

There's no telling just how long this could drag on, but something's gotta happen sometime soon, right? Although I'm sure Izzo would prefer to wait until July when LeBron James decides on his future, there's no way he can possibly just keep quiet and continue to push this off. I imagine the Cavs will want an answer in the near future, and at the very least MSU fans deserve to hear something about what is going on.

With that said, if Izzo somehow gets permission to wait from the Cavs and wants to come right out and say that he isn't going to decide until July, then that's feasible. Keeping everyone in the dark is not, regardless of whether or not a decision has been made. At some point he will have to say something to give people an update, and I personally am hoping that happens soon, either ending the process or at least giving it some clarity.