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WDIV: Izzo News Conference Expected To Be Held Tomorrow

WDIV just gave an update on when this supposed news conference for Tom Izzo will be held, saying that it is expected to take place tomorrow morning. Specifically, WDIV's Katrina Hancock, who is in East Lansing right now, got word from a coach that it will be held at 9 a.m.

A coach at MSU's basketball camp just walked out and told me he heard that a presser would be held tomorrow morning at 9:00

Hancock also reported that Izzo is meeting with Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis right now, presumably to inform him of his decision to stay on as coach of the Spartans. Although reports that he will stay are not confirmed right now, there wouldn't be a news conference at MSU if he was planning to leave for Cleveland. That alone suggests that Izzo is going to stay in East Lansing for years to come.