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Ryan Martin Passes On Lightning Job, Stays With Red Wings

Tom Izzo isn't the only person from the state of Michigan who had an opportunity to leave for another job. Also in that position was Ryan Martin, the Red Wings' director of hockey operations and "capologist." He had an offer to join Steve Yzerman in Tampa Bay as the Lightning's assistant general manager. When Yzerman first went to Tampa Bay it looked like Martin was for sure going to leave with him. There was even talk that Martin wasn't taking part in the Wings' meetings because he was probably going to leave.

As it turns out, Martin and Izzo have a lot in common when it comes to decisions like this. Izzo announced last night that he was going to stay at Michigan State, and earlier in the day Martin told the Detroit Free Press that he was going to stay with the Red Wings.

“I decided last night, and I talked to Steve last night and told him I decided to stay,” Martin said today. “It was a difficult decision but also a good decision.”

“It was an outstanding professional opportunity for me, but at the end of the day, weighing all the professional and personal aspects and the family situation, we felt Detroit a better situation,” he said. “My wife has a career here that she really enjoys. It was just a little bit better fit here.”

Chalk this up as a victory for the Red Wings, because Martin is a great asset to have in the front office.