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Tom Izzo Didn't Ask For More Money From MSU

Quite a few people thought that Tom Izzo was showing serious interest in the Cavs job because it was all about the money with him. Whether it resulted in a pay raise by going to the NBA or by increasing his leverage with Michigan State, for some reason that was the belief many people held about Izzo.

I think it was pretty obvious that this was never about the money, especially at Michigan State. Although it's possible Izzo will get a new contract that includes a slight increase in salary after all of this, it won't be because he asked for it.

Izzo didn't ask for a single cent more from MSU or any demands. That's what Mark Hollis told me tonight.

Add this to the list of things (e.g. Izzo did this for the publicity and attention) some people thought about Tom Izzo that were just not even remotely true. You can certainly see why he was upset with the media, because many did their best to give off the impression that he was looking at the Cavs job for reasons that were untrue.