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Lions Lose Pair Of OTAs Over CBA Violation

The original plan for next week was for the Lions to hold a couple of OTAs and then have a three-day minicamp. The five straight days of action were going to give the Lions a little taste of what training camp will be like when it starts at the end of July. Also, the five straight days of practice were going to give the Lions a chance to get as prepared as possible before training camp with things like installing the offensive playbook and continuing to get rookies more experience.

The problem for the Lions and their plans for next week is that the two OTAs have been forfeited due to a violation of the CBA. From George Atallah, the NFLPA's Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs:

Detroit Lions have violated the CBA and will forfeit two days (June 21 and June 22) of OTAs.

Jim Schwartz is so meticulous in everything he does that it's a bit surprising something like this could happen to the Lions. For that reason alone it will be interesting to see if we get any details about what happened to cause the CBA violation.