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SB Nation NBA Mock Draft: Pistons Take Cole Aldrich

The 2010 SB Nation NBA Mock Draft has been underway for a few days, and the Pistons' pick was posted earlier today on Ridiculous Upside. Mike Payne of Detroit Bad Boys, SB Nation's Pistons blog, made the pick, selecting Cole Aldrich from Kansas. Here is part of Payne's explanation for the pick:

The guy has the talent, size, character and determination to be a solid role player for many years to come. While he won't individually turn this team around, he could very well be the sizeable defensive stopper this team needs. If Detroit can subsequently swing Prince and others for a scoring power forward, Detroit would be a big step toward the playoffs once again.

For more on why Payne opted for Aldrich, check out the write-up on Ridiculous Upside, and for more on the Pistons check out Detroit Bad Boys.