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Ex-Red Wing Owes $2.1 Million On Two Michigan Homes

Former Red Wings star Sergei Fedorov left a lot of bad blood in Detroit when he bolted the Red Wings earlier in the decade. It appears he left a lot more behind than broken relationships.


Fedorov reportedly owes over $2.1 million on two Bloomfield Hills homes that are set to be auctioned off to the public if Fedorov doesn’t pay up. Fedorov defaulted on loans for both homes, which he took out in 2003.


Fedorov has until July 20 to settle with the bank or else they’ll be sold off at the Oakland County Courthouse.


Fedorov scored 483 goals in his 20-year NHL career, most of which was spent in Detroit. He had a history of long contract disputes with the Red Wings, finally departing the Wings in 2002 after turning down two $10 million per season deals: one for $50 million over five seasons and a second of $40 million over four seasons.