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Armando Galarraga On Jim Joyce: 'I Give That Guy A Lot Of Credit'

Armando Galarraga has a lot more class than I do, because if I were in his shoes, my comments on Jim Joyce and his blown call would be beyond nasty. Heck, I'm still bitter over a blown call back in March that kept the Michigan hockey team out of the Frozen Four. I can't even imagine having a perfect game taken away on an obviously blown call, and I certainly can't imagine accepting an apology after the game from the person responsible for blowing the call.

I am definitely no Armando Galarraga, because he not only accepted an apology from Joyce following tonight's game, but he also gave him a hug.

"I give that guy a lot of credit to that guy saying, 'Hey I need to talk to you because I really want to say I'm sorry," Galarraga said. "You don't see an umpire telling you after the game saying 'I'm sorry.' He apologized."

Everyone involved with the Tigers has handled this situation with great class. Jim Leyland's comments after the game were mainly about how Joyce is a great umpire and how mistakes happen. The general theme from all of the comments was that nobody is perfect. The obvious counter to that sentiment is that there is a reason why replay now exists. That whole debate is best left for a separate post, but I have to disagree with Leyland in that regard. He talked about how the human element is what makes baseball great, but tonight, in my opinion, it showcased one of baseball's greatest flaws.