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Bless You Boys Calls For Bud Selig To "Make This Game Perfect"

What should have been the final play of the Tigers' first ever perfect game could still end up making history. Rather than making history for being the third perfect game in the last month or being the 21st perfect outing in MLB history, however, that play could affect Major League Baseball for years to come.

Once we all move past the controversy aspect of the specific blown call and the fact that it cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game, the focus of this whole story will move to two larger debates: 1) whether or not replay should be expanded to correct blown calls like the one we saw Jim Joyce make; and 2) whether or not Bud Selig should go back and give Galarraga a perfect game.

Bless You Boys' Kurt Mensching chimed in on the second point in a letter to Selig and is 100% on the bandwagon calling for MLB's commissioner to correct the call and award Galarraga a perfect game.

Every replay clearly shows the 27th out was made. An emotional Joyce acknowledged his mistake. Everyone on the field, everyone in the media, every one of your millions of fans knows what happened on Wednesday night at Comerica Park. 

Now you must step in to declare that Galarraga pitched the 21st perfect game in the history of the MLB. Anything less just continues to mock your sport and results in another black eye for a league that has taken it on the chin repeatedly during your time as commissioner.

Will Selig actually do anything so the record books read that Galarraga pitched baseball's 21st perfect game? It's doubtful. I certainly think he should, but the precedent set by a move like that would be unimaginable. I'm sure Selig doesn't want to open that can of worms and would rather just deal with the PR headache until people lose attention and move on.

The right thing to do considering the blown play would have ended the game is to just go back and correct it. While that unforgettable moment after a perfect game happens and the celebration that follows has been permanently taken away from Galarraga, Selig should ensure that the record books will include Armando under the list of pitchers who have thrown a perfect game. I know life's not fair, but it's not like the call was even close. Galarraga clearly beat the runner to first. You know it. I know it. Jim Joyce knows it. And there's no denying Bud Selig knows it too.