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Demar Dorsey To Louisville; Antonio Kinard To Prep School Or JUCO

Although Demar Dorsey was unable to attend Michigan after the University denied him admission to the school, he will be playing college football this year for an FBS (Division I-A) team. Specifically, he is going to Louisville.

"It's the beginning of a new era building up a program," Dorsey told on Saturday night about his signing with Louisville.


Louisville has a new head coach in Charlie Strong and one of his assistants, former Michigan defensive backs assistant Vance Bedford, had recruited Dorsey while he was on Florida's staff. Dorsey originally had committed to Florida before signing last February with Michigan.

In addition to losing Dorsey, linebacker recruit Antonio Kinard is also not going to make it to campus. He was not specifically turned down by the University, but rather still has work to do in the classroom to even qualify.

Jeff Whittaker, the coach at Youngstown (Ohio) Liberty, said Sunday that linebacker Antonio Kinard is weighing three options for this fall, playing football at prep schools Fork Union or Hargrave military academies, or signing with a junior college in Kansas.

"He’s looking at it like it’ll be his redshirt year," Whittaker said. "It just won’t be at the university and then he’ll be able to get it in order and finish this test and get back on track coming up."

Kinard still wants to come to Michigan in 2011, but there's no guarantee he will be admitted, as we have seen before with the likes of Demar Dorsey and Adrian Witty.