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Really NHL, Really? Red Wings Set As 'Hawks Opponent For Banner Raising

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As if Chicago fans didn’t have enough reason to berate Detroit, the NHL gave them another golden opportunity to rain down the “Detroit Sucks” chants next season.

↵ reports that the Red Wings will be in the building when the Blackhawks raise their Stanley Cup banner on Oct. 9 next season.


Detroit will also get many top teams from the East at home, including Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Washington and Original Six teams Montreal, Toronto and the New York Rangers.


We all saw the video of Chicago fans expressing their displeasure for the city of Detroit—right after they won the Cup. Chicago didn’t even have to go through the Red Wings to get to the Finals, yet Detroit was still on the Hawks’ minds when they lifted Lord Stanley. I can only imagine the atmosphere when that banner goes up into the United Center rafters.


Red Wings fans may have to skip the ceremony if they don’t want to lose their lunch.