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Charlie Villanueva Facing Civil Lawsuit For Separate Assault Allegation

As discovered by Chris Iott of, Charlie Villanueva has more than just one court date related to an assault allegation to worry about. In addition to the one in July to deal with his domestic assault charge, he also has one set for November in Milwaukee. This one deals with a civil lawsuit that alleges Villanueva was responsible for an "unprovoked attack inside a Milwaukee nightclub in February 2008."

Villanueva has a pre-trial conference scheduled for Nov. 5 in the Milwaukee County Courthouse in Wisconsin in regards to a separate assault charge.

Daniel Fischer of Menomonee Falls, Wis., filed a civil lawsuit against Villanueva on Jan. 20 accusing Villanueva of assault, according to records on file on the Wisconsin Court System Web site.

Villanueva's response to this particular allegation was that "there's going to be some people out there that are going to try to get you." His Tweet from earlier today about how you shouldn't always believe what you hear or read seems to be along the same lines.