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Joe Dumars Confident In Which Players Will Go In Top 5

The very top of this year's NBA Draft has been filled with the same usual names for quite some time now, so it's not too surprising that Joe Dumars has a pretty good idea of who the top five picks will be on Thursday night.

Joe Dumars says Wall, Turner, Favors, Johnson, Cousins will go in the Top 5, then it's "anybody's guess" including Pistons 7th pick

The anybody's guess part obviously deals with who will go sixth, which will affect who is on the board for the Pistons. Also, though, I think one part that could keep people guessing is whether or not a trade will happen that moves the Pistons into the top five. While it isn't necessarily looking quite as likely as a few days ago, a trade to vault the Pistons up a few spots would likely give them the chance to draft DeMarcus Cousins. There have been conflicting reports on this subject, but I'm sure some people will still be trying to guess if a trade is in the works come tomorrow.