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Timberwolves President: 'I Have Not Spoken With Detroit'

David Kahn, the Minnesota Timberwolves president of basketball operations, has denied that the Pistons were offered forward Al Jefferson. In fact, Kahn spoke quite openly about trades that have reportedly been offered and denied that any involving Jefferson have been offered to other teams.

Kahn refuted a report today that the Wolves have offered Jefferson in three separate deals — to Indiana for forward Troy Murphy, to Memphis for forward Zach Randolph and to Detroit for swingman Tayshaun Prince.


"Memphis asked us about Zach and we said no," Kahn said this afternoon in a text message to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "And I have not spoken with Detroit."

The Pistons reportedly weren't interested in the supposed deal that was offered anyways, so it doesn't look like this rumor has a ton of legs.