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Kevin Smith Participating In Team Drills At Minicamp

It's tough to predict if Kevin Smith will be ready to go when training camp gets started since it's still about a month away, but the fact that he is participating in team drills right now is encouraging. Smith isn't doing a whole lot just yet and is merely being eased back in, but it is definitely progress, even if Smith was a little nervous about returning.

"I only did about maybe six, seven plays," Smith said of the morning session. "My first play I dropped the ball, I was so nervous. The next play I caught the ball and tripped and fell and got up. So it's just a progression, but I'm feeling good."

Smith probably won't get too much more work in the final two days of the minicamp, so the next month of rehab will be very important. The Lions don't have anything scheduled for team-wide practices, but you can bet Smith will be working his butt off the entire "vacation" in order to get ready for training camp. I think the big goal for Smith since the injury has been to get back in time for camp, and if where he's at right now is any indication, he's almost there it seems.