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24 Votes For No. 24



Miguel Cabrera needs some serious help from fans to be voted as one of the starters in this year's All-Star Game. Although his numbers on the field are beyond proof enough that he should be starting at first base, he trails Justin Morneau by more than 300,000 votes. With the voting closing in exactly a week, the Tigers have put together a new campaign to hopefully give Cabrera's voting numbers a boost: 24 votes for No. 24 on June 24 (today).


As an added incentive to help get Cabrera into the All-Star Game's starting lineup, fans who vote more than 20 times and select the Tigers as their favorite team on the ballot will be "automatically entered to win two tickets to a 2010 Tigers home game along with the opportunity to meet a 2010 Detroit Tigers All-Star on the field prior to the game."


To vote, simply click here.